Rabbit is a charging solutions company.
In short, we keep people safe and connected.





What Is Rabbit?

Rabbit is a large network of power brick rental kiosks for people on the go.
The charging units/stations are roughly the size of an iPad.
The power bricks are roughly the size of an iPhone X.
Each power brick has iPhone, Micro USB, and USB-C cords built in. This covers 98% of all phones on the market.

How It Works

1. Download the Rabbit app via the Android or Apple App Store.
2. Scan the QR code on the Rabbit kiosk using the Rabbit app.
3. Out pops your portable power brick. (We call them Carrots.)
4. Charge your phone wherever you want.
5. Return to any location... or keep it

This sounds great, but how much does it cost?

Merchants get the unit for free + 20% of all the revenue it produces.

Well, what does it cost the customer?

On average $1 an hour which maxes out at $5 a day.
This rate will change based on location, time, and demand.

What if someone keeps their Carrot?

At anytime the user can purchase the power brick/Carrot for $40.
They can recharge it themselves via the micro USB on the side and use it over and over again.
Merchants still receive 20% when this happens!


Q. How long will a Carrot charge my phone for?
A. The average phone can get two full charges out of our Carrot.
Q. What if a Rabbit unit breaks, or runs out of Carrots?
A. We manage and maintain all Rabbits. We also have phone, email, and live chat support should you ever have a question or concern.

Thanks for interest in Rabbit! Someone from our staff will reach out soon.